Zero Gravity Pack for UE4
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by Utsav singh
25 min ago

your shader complexity is low because you used true polygon models instead of just a masked plane to prevent alpha overdraw?

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Zero Gravity Pack for UE4
21 July, 2017

Henri Juntunen released a set of high-quality sci-fi themed assets with a focus on zero gravity environments with an astonishing visual quality and customizable materials.

The first installment of the Zero Gravity asset series. Designed for high end desktops, the package provides you with the tools to build stunning sci-fi themed environments, and with the combination of unreal’s powerful material system, tune the mood of your environment from brand new, to old and abandoned. 

The package features static meshes with face weighted normals, tiling base materials and detail decals to ensure the best possible visual quality even at very close distances. 

Base materials feature multiple parameters such as; Base Roughness,Roughness variation, Material color, color variation, Material variation ( create cracked or chipped paint etc), texture and variation sizes etc. 

All source materials for static meshes and textures available on request. 

Henri Juntunen 

Package features:

  • High quality static meshes with face weighted normals 
  • Highly customizable base materials 
  • Decal textures for details 
  • Fully PBR textures sourced from scanned data 
  • Variation masks used for roughness and material variation

Technical Details

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes 
Texture Size: 8 sets of tiling textures at 2048 resolution for base materials, 1 set of decal textures at 2048 resolution for details, 1 texture atlas set for spline cables at 2048 resolution, 3 sets of baked textures for soft materials at 2048 resolution 
Collision: Yes, automatic 
Vertex Count: 76 to 114,675 
LODs: No 
Number of Meshes: 49 
Number of Blueprints: 4 
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 8 master materials, 5 material instances for decals, 26 hard surface material instances, 9 material instances for soft materials, 2 emissive material instances, 2 glass material instances 
Number of Textures: 62 
Engine Compatibility: 4.15 
Intended Platform: High-end desktop 
Platforms Tested: Desktop 
Documentation Included: No

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