150+ Cloth Alpha Textures

150+ Cloth Alpha Textures

Jonas Roscinas has released a new set of more than 150 cloth alpha textures.

Jonas Roscinas has released a new set of more than 150 cloth alpha textures. These alphas were designed specifically for cloth detailing, texturing and sculpting. The pack includes buttons, seamless textures, stitches, wrinkles, and more cool stuff. Can be used for commercial projects. 

Alpha Maps are 2048×2048 and 16bit of depth.

The pack also features 3 short tutorials (.pdf) on how to use the alphas + JR Stitch brush.

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Best to use with:

  • ZBrush
  • Mari
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Blender
  • Quixel
  • 3Dcoat
  • 4Dcinema
  • Mudbox
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You can get more details on the pack here

Get the pack for $8+

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Comments 3

  • Anonymous user

    HELLO NICE ONE!  Just purchased this pack, can you make the alpha tip of the brush follow the same orientation as the stroke? using blender, seems I can only get them to be straight strokes texture does not follow orientation.

    noob here hehe. thnx!


    Anonymous user

    ·6 months ago·
  • Antonii

    Hi from Ukraine :)
    Thanks for good pack with affordable price.



    ·3 years ago·
  • Jonas Roscinas

    Thanks for featuring my alpha pack. I always try to keep the price super low so everyone can afford it, and such articles mean a lot! Thanks again.
    -Jonas Roscinas


    Jonas Roscinas

    ·4 years ago·

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