3D Character Bust BaseMesh Pack

3D Character Bust BaseMesh Pack

All the elements you will need to create a realistic 3d bust character perfect for all kinds of projects.

Manuel F. Cedeno has presented his 3D Character Bust BaseMesh Pack that comes with all the elements you will need to create a realistic 3d bust character perfect for all kinds of projects.

The project features 3 versions of the main bust/head geometry, so there are some choices:

  • AAA Game Character (8016 Polygons – 100% Quads)
  • Middle Res Character (2512 Polygons – 100% Quads)
  • Low Res Character (1750 Polygons – 88% Quads)

General Features

  • Carefully designed topology, ideal to achieve all kinds of facial features, expressions and ethnicities.
  • Androgynous features, ideal for both female and male characters.
  • Ideal for Zbrush subdivision sculpting.
  • Perfect flow of loops for animation, sculpting and create blend shapes/morpher expressions.
  • Inner mouth fully modeled. (Mouth cavity, uvula, teeth, gums and tongue.)
  • All meshes fully unwrapped. Maximum UV space efficiency.
  • Includes material IDs/polygroups to easily mask and move sections, open mouth, eyelids, etc.
  • Accurate and real human scale and dimensions.
  • Various concave and convex eye meshes to choose from depending on your workflow.
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Main Bust mesh

  • AAA_Game_Character (8016 Polygons – 100% Quads)
  • Mid_Res_Character (2512 Polygons – 100% Quads)
  • Low_Res_Character (1750 Polygons – 88% Quads)
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Eyes meshes

  • Eye_convex_Iris_LP (360 polygons per 1 eye)
  • Eye_concave_Iris_LP (360 polygons per 1 eye)
  • Eye_cornea_LP (360 polygons per 1 eye, same mesh as Convex_Iris, but with a slight offset.)
  • Eye_concave_Iris_HP (768 polygons per 1 eye, can also be subdivided and used for texture baking)
  • Caruncles (96 polygons)

Mouth meshes (100% quads.)

  • Maxilar_gums (882 polygons)
  • Maxilar_teeth (3374 polygons)
  • Mandibular_gums (3116 polygons)
  • Mandibular_teeth (802 polygons)
  • Tongue (138 polygons)
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Accurate measurements

  • Real life head size
  • Eye Diameter: 24 mm
  • Iris diameter: 11.5mm
  • Pupillary distance: 64mm 
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  1. AAA and MidRes versions are meant to be subdivided for sculpting.
  2. LowRes version will not work well for subdivision since it contains triangles. If you want to use the LowRes mesh as your in-game mesh, I recommend you sculpt the character in one of the other 2 meshes, and then, conform/adapt the topology of the LowRes to the highpoly sculpt.
  3. Shoulder/chest topology is designed so you can easily adapt it to your needs. For example, if you have character with cleavage, you can pull down the loops of the chest or even add more loops. Likewise, you can delete part of the shoulders if they are not going to be visible in your character.
  4. Teeth and gums meshes have a fair amount of polygons. This is so that you can have much more flexibility when designing teeth. You would need to create a new low poly topology to according to your teeth design.
  5. Eye meshes also come with Material IDs/Polygroups, so you can assign a fast iris and pupil color while sculpting.

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