3d Environment Creation with Houdini

3d Environment Creation with Houdini

A great example of how you can use Houdini to build amazing 3d scenes.

Freelancer VFX Artist Brayan Agnus shared some of his thoughts on modelling amazing environments with Houdini. SideFX makes wonderful special effects tools, it gives the instruments to use procedural power in 3d, but it’s also a great way to model 3d scenes. Brayan shared some of his experiences building environments with Houdini (based on the course by Rohan Dalvi).

I started working with visual effects when I was 13, I am Brazilian and visual effects is something that is still developing here, so, I’m still improving my skills and trying to find new things.


Houdini is a powerful software, which years ago was known to be a software only for dynamic visual effects. SideFX has been doing a great job in Houdini, where you have the ability to control everything with your justice system. Starting with a simple circle, then with carving tools, I was getting the end result.


I followed a course by Rohan Dalvi. With his instructions I got the expected outcome, totally inside Houdini. My main problem was the creation of the vines and trees, but I resolved the problem with L-Systems, a exclusive tool from Houdini.

I wanted to give scene a warm look warm, with sun and nice vegetation. In the end it looked like the Rohan Dalvi, so I decided to leave it be.


I tried some other software like Maya, and lighting always was a difficult task for me. Houdini was different. For the scene I only used an environment light, a sky light, and a sun light for the clouds in the scene. The shaders are very simple. What is more, I had problems with the small rocks, so I had to take the time and do something for  a nice result.

imageWIPisland1_post_00000 (1)

Houdini is procedural – you have total control during your work, giving the possibility to change things anytime you want. I can use dynamic tools like L-systems or Clouds. All of it allows me to create everything using only one software, which is really neat.

Brayan Agnus, Freelancer VFX Artist





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    3d Environment Creation with Houdini