Free Zbrush Sci-fi Wall Panel Set
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by Atakan Gürkan
12 hours ago

How can you make planets? Is it hard

by lesa cote
1 days ago

This is a great post on star wars. Our cheap assignment experts are really impressed.

Thanks for sharing, the lighting on the wheels and coins is beautiful, very painterly.

Free Zbrush Sci-fi Wall Panel Set
27 June, 2017

Take a look at free set by Michael Dunnam that can help you sculpt sci-fi panels in ZBrush in no time. The pack features 8 pattern layer brushes that can also be converted to drag brushes very easily.

This set uses the Layer Pattern brush. Each panel is tileable. They can also be converted to a drag brush very easily. The work awesome for quick inset pieces.

note: Using the layer pattern brush is simple. You can paint in curved strokes, but using shift to paint a straight stroke is recommended.

Michael Dunnam 

Get the pack

Source: Cubebrush

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