SideFX Becomes a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

SideFX Becomes a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

SideFX, developer of Houdini announced it is now a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner, forming an even deeper integration between the two platforms.

SideFX, developer of Houdini – the leading procedural generation software – announced today it is now a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner, forming an even deeper integration between the two software platforms.

“By becoming a Verified Solutions Partner with Unity Technologies, we’re formalizing our relationship with one of the world’s leading creative platforms,” said Richard Hamel, VP of Sales & Marketing, SideFX, “We want to deliver the best possible user experience to the Houdini and Unity artist communities, and this is one way to push forward on that front.”

Bill Roberts, General Manager, Film at Unity Technologies says, “As the tools for storytelling across all consumer channels continue to evolve and expand, it’s important for industry-leading technologies to work seamlessly together. Enabling artists to stay focused on the creative task at hand is at the core of connecting companies and products in our Verified Solutions program; We’re very excited to further the bond between Houdini and Unity as cooperative platforms for 3D creation.”

In 2015, SideFX launched the Unity plug-in for Houdini Engine – providing Unity artists with the ability to use Houdini assets directly within Unity. Since then, artists and studios large and small have been using the two platforms in parallel to leverage Houdini’s procedural workflows in the Unity environment.

In Houdini, all geometry and its associated information are stored in ‘nodes’, which are wired together into networks. These networks become a flow of data, and allow artists to make changes at any stage in the network at any time. Networks can be wrapped up into single nodes called Houdini Digital Assets, which can be shared with colleagues and – in conjunction with Houdini Engine – loaded into other 3D apps, including Unity. Any parameters added to the asset are available for editing, and handles can be set up in the viewport for interactive manipulation. Changes made to the core asset, even deep into production, can update all instances of the asset.

The announcement that SideFX is becoming a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner means that the two companies will continue to work closely to ensure the two platforms work seamlessly together as they each continue to innovate and evolve.

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