CreasePlus - Optimize Your Modeling Workflow
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by Matthieu CHOLLET
11 hours ago

Lovely work ! You mentioned "When lighting the scene, I used Light Functions to create the illusion of light passing through clouds, thus lighting the environment unevenly" do you think you could show what is the setup to get such a precise result ?(meaning highlight the area you want?)

by Emanuel
20 hours ago

Amazing art. I'm curious how the rocks manage to be such a natural part of the terrain! It really looks like they have been there for ages.

CreasePlus - Optimize Your Modeling Workflow
4 August, 2017

The tool is currently compatible with Maya 2016, 2016 Ext2, 2017, including Maya LT versions. Although Mac is not supported officially, some Mac Users managed to use it.

It is worth noting that updates are said to be free, forever. For more information, questions and requests contact the developer


I get a an error at Crease+ ‘s Start

This might be due to your quotation marks being incorrect.Make sure you have written the correct one and try again.Here is the correct line,just copy-paste it to your hotkey/shelf/marking menu button

source “CreasePlus.mel”;

Something is weird, and I get errors

Make sure you re-call Crease+ UI when you start a new scene.

Value change is too fast when using Middle Mouse button! 

Hold [CTRL](Control Modifier) when dragging with MMB (Middle Mouse Button).


You can find more details on the tool here

Buy the tool for $8

Source: Gumroad

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