Cubebrush Tutorials: Sculpting Human Bodies in ZBrush

Learn how to sculpt anatomically correct characters in ZBrush with these Cubebrush tutorials.

3D Character Art - Basic to Intermediate

If you're looking for a full course covering character production from ZBrush basics to elaborate armor modeling and posing, Mauricio García's pack looks like a smart choice. 3D CHARACTER ART - Basic to Intermediate will teach you exactly that, and there's no need to have drawing skills or prior knowledge. If you are a fan of DC and WoW characters, there's an extra reason for you to study Mauricio's tutorials, because you'll be able to work on Batman, Hulk, and Sylvanas. To start the course, you only need ZBrush and a drawing tablet.

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Topics included:

  • ZBrush basics
  • Body Anatomy
  • Head Anatomy
  • Hands & Feet Batman
  • Male/Female Character
  • Texturing
  • Pose & Render
  • Armor 
  • and more


The course currently comes at a good price with 70% off.

Sylvanas Vol.1-4

Not sure about the full course but would like to give it a try? You can purchase one of the modules covering the production of Sylvanas separately. There are 4 volumes that cover different topics in case you are interested in something particular. The price is more than reasonable, especially with another 70% discount - around $6 per volume. 

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Female Character Creation in ZBrush

Here's another tutorial covering the full character production by Nexttut Education. The final goal of the tutorial is to teach you how to work on body anatomy, face, hair, clothes, and accessories in ZBrush. This course will probably better suit artists with prior ZBrush knowledge.

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Topics included:

  • Sculpting the female head
  • Sculpting the female body
  • Refining the head and body with skin detail
  • Making clothes and belts
  • Making a sword and dagger
  • Making the hair with fibermesh
  • Making the eyelashes with tubes
  • Polypaint the character
  • Posing the character
  • Rendering the character with passes
  • Composing a final render in Photoshop


As you might have realized, this particular course focuses on female anatomy. If you want to study male character production, there's a similar tutorial from Nexttut: Male Character Creation in ZBrush.

Sculpting Hands in ZBrush

Each part of a human body is an intricate system and requires a sufficient amount of practice to recreate it in 3D, and it's quite reasonable to study each part of anatomy separately. If your hands lack plausibility, here's a tutorial from Serge Astahov that teaches you how to sculpt realistic hands correctly.

The tutorial covers basic modeling with ZModeler and necessary anatomical knowledge like proportions, bones, muscles, and tendons. Note: basic knowledge of ZBrush is needed.

Topics covered:

  • Hand Anatomy
  • Modeling the Base Hand with ZModeler
  • Proportions
  • Basic ZBrush Setup and Brushes
  • Posing the fingers
  • Sculpting Hands


To learn how to sculpt ears, nose, and mouth in ZBrush and get a grasp of Serge's teaching style, check out the videos below:

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