Sunday 3D Design Showcase: Great Scenes created with Unity 5, UE4 & CryEngine

Sunday 3D Design Showcase: Great Scenes created with Unity 5, UE4 & CryEngine

Have a look at some of the coolest scenes from the development community, created with the help of some of the most popular game engines.

It’s been a while since we’ve made some very cool Environmental Design Showcases. Here’s out new entry in this series. Today we’re promoting some environmental design, visualized thanks to completely different engines: Unity 5 (Zer0 Gravity PBR Scene) , Unreal Engine 4 (The Last of Us Scene) & CryEngine (Assets from the Lilly short film).

Unity 5: Zer0 Gravity PBR Scene

This is the work of Kimmo Kaunela from Rammin’Speed Entertainment Ltd. The artists was really impressed by the power of Unity 5 and decided to port his scene to this engine. The environment of a damages spaceship interior was created with the help of Marmoset Toolbag 2 and a couple of moth ago recreated with Unity 4.5. The final scene in Unity 5 only took a day to adjust all the details.

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The developer doesn’t hide his excitement about the engine. He like the new lighting system and the general smoothness of the final version. he believes it’s much better than U4.5/4.6.

It´s so nice that the technology allow us to do things more accurate and that also makes things much easier in many place. When you do things right in one engine then the results are going to be pretty similar in other engines that supports it. It doesn´t mean that we as artists are losing our control over artistic things. It means that now we have a common language that makes the results looks even better. Even Disney/Pixar uses PBR for their stylized looking animations.

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Kimmo Kaunela, Rammin’Speed Entertainment (via Unity 5 forums)

You can buy the assets from this scene in the Asset Store. It’s an amazing present for people who who want to learn more about PBR/PBS.

If you’re interested in PBR (Physically Based Rendering), you should definitely check out the footage created with the help of the Paradox Game Engine. The beta of this tool is actually available for free from the Silicon Studio’s website.

CryEngine: Teenager’s Room Environment by Darko Subotin

A talented environmental artist Darko Subotin (Serbia) is working on a new short-film “Lilly”. He used CryEngine to visualize the room of the teenager and make the model of a big and wealthy house. It’s not an ideal example of CryEngine usage and looks inferior to the Mountain Lodge scene, but it’s still a great example of indoors environment.

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Some developers believe that this technology is only good for outdoor games with big open levels, but Darko proved that CryEngine holds lot of potential for interior artist as well.

I decided to use CryEngine EaaS. With the subscription version they have brought many really important upgrades and those are also the reasons I chose CryEngine. One of the most important features for me was the GeomCache. The ability to export alembic point cache files and load them into engine, made the character import process much easier for me, as well as I am able to use rigging inside 3D Studio Max that would otherwise be much more complicated to do. Also since Cryengine doesn’t support morph targets anymore I would have to do bone based facial expressions, but this way I can still use morph based rigs. And besides that I can also simulate cloth with animation, making the characters look more cinematic.

CryEngine can be surprisingly good with interiors if you use cube maps and ambient fill lights cleverly, also the assets need to be good and a little attention to detail helps tell stories with interiors and that goes a long way in making them look good.

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Darko Subotin

We’ve contacted Darko Subotin and he answered a couple of questions about his work and CryEngine in this exclusive interview (read more)!


Unreal Engine: Last Of Us Scene

A celebrity in the Unreal Engine 4 community – 3D Environment Artist Edvinas Petrauskas – shared some images from the recent project he’s been working on. It’s a little farm location inspired by The Last of Us (read out interview with one of the concept designers of The Last of Us) and Walking Dead games. A lovely little house and the surrounding area look very nice, even though it’s still a work in progress.

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Edvinas pays a lot of attention to lighting and details. He’s even created some wonderful models of dandelions and ivy. All in all it looks amazing and we can’t wait for the final result.

By the way, Edvinas has recently announced his new project Courage. It’s a wonderful little story based on UE4. We’ll be publishing a more detailed report about it in the upcoming weeks.

Which one do you like best? Share your thoughts or your projects for the next Sunday Showcase in the commets.

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